Services - Conscious Sedation

Services - Conscious Sedation

Conscious Sedation is a state of relaxation while staying awake in the dental chair. 

This helps our team treat patients with dental anxiety.  Some patients have extreme dental anxiety and are unable to open and let us complete the needed treatment.  Extreme anxiety makes it more difficult on both the doctor and the patient.   When patients have this anxiety they tense up, which makes the opening of the mouth very restricted.  Occasionally we will have a patient that we will refer for full sedation.  If this is necessary, we will send the patient to have treatment at another location.

The conscious sedation would use a combination of oral medications and dental anesthetics, to block both anxiety and pain. 

The oral medications will be administered in powder form and placed sublingually (under the tongue).  While the medication is working the patient will be monitored with blood pressure and pulse oximetry.  We will keep the patient at a level of mild sedation.


The dental anesthetic of choice will still be given after the patient has reached the mild sedation level.  This dental anesthetic is the numbing agent, or the dental injection.