Services - Dental Bridge

Services - Dental Bridge

Bridge picture

This closes the gap between teeth by crowning a tooth on both sides of the gap, and extending pontics (fake teeth) between the crowned natural teeth.  This option will close the space and improve function, but it connects a minimum of three teeth together.  When adjoining teeth, if you have an issue with one tooth of the adjoined teeth, the others can be compromised as well. 

This dental bridge option is still used a lot in dentistry today, due to it being non-removable.  It seems most patients prefer a non-removable option. 

The bridge area would need to be cleaned well and maintained, due to the open space under the fake tooth or teeth, floss will need to be ran under the entire bridge.  We can show the patient how to properly clean and care for the bridge in a variety of ways.  Some patients prefer to use super floss and some prefer floss threaders to clean underneath. 

We do suggest the addition of prescription strength fluoride in combination with proper maintenance. This can decrease caries and/or tooth breakdown form acid erosion.