Services - Denture and Denture Repair

Services - Denture and Denture Repair


Depending on remaining teeth and health of teeth, a denture could be needed.  This is an acrylic base with artificial teeth to help with functioning, speech, eating and esthetics.

Dentures are both loved and hated, depending on the fit.  The upper or maxillary dentures usually suction to the roof of the mouth.  If you have a deep palate, the top denture is less of an issue.  With lower dentures or mandibular dentures, the floor of the mouth and tongue space are cut out of the denture.  Do to eating and talking the floor of the mouth and tongue will move and dislodge the denture.  Some people have large bony dental arches and the lower will fit well.  Over time edentulous patient, patients without teeth, loose bony support for their dentures.  This causes the dentures to become loose and move around in the mouth.  This can cause denture sores, ulcerated areas on the gum tissue.

If you have a denture that has a crack or missing tooth/tooth, we could repair this existing denture.  As long as the denture fits well and has little wear the denture can likely be repaired, by a dental laboratory technician.

Dentures also can need relining or the inner surface.  This will make the fit of the denture tighter and feel new again.  As long as the patient has adequate bony support the inside can be remade or relined with acrylic.


We suggest you clean any partial, denture, or retainer over a full sink of water.  When brushing or cleaning it could be dropped, the fall into the water is usually OK.  Also, any removable appliance should be kept away from animals, especially dogs.  They have your smell on the appliance and the dog will likely chew or eat the removable appliance.