5 Reasons To Choose A Indianapolis Dentist Who Uses An Intraoral Camera

If you can’t see or feel a dental problem, how do you know you have one? This is one of the most challenging jobs we have and it’s why dental researchers have skillfully found a simple solution… Let the patient see what the dentist is seeing! And that’s how the intraoral camera was “born.”

While it’s a very small camera that is placed at the end of a wand and can easily be placed anywhere in your mouth, we think of it as one of our most valuable communication tools. It captures images of your teeth, gums, and tissues which can be shown to you on our chairside monitors. The camera is also outfitted with LED lighting and a magnifier for better visibility.

Think about it. If you’re able to see what we’re seeing, you’ll more-easily understand your treatment options. It will show you actual photos of your teeth, gums, and more … and it will provide the security you need to understand treatment recommendations and to feel confident in determining what treatment options are best for you.

Plus, as your dentist in Indianapolis, we hope that,as an important member of your health care team, it helps us earn your valuable trust!